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This is a tutorial for the Digmaan PC game. All the controls that you need to know are posted here as well as other functions...

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wasd - move
enter - pick up weapon and ammunition / talk to a npc
shift - run
c - duck walk
right click - aim / pick up dynamic entities
left click - to fire/shoot
space - jump
scroll - change weapon
r- reload
f - alternative fire/use grenade launcher/silencer
alt+right click - melee attack/sway weapon

-You can use grenade launcher on enemies hiding on walls.
-Ammunition will re-spawn but twice or trice only per load game/game, better know how to maximize the use of bullets in game.
-There are 2 hidden health regeneration item in every level just look for it, one can re-spawn and the other cannot.
-Some levels have hidden doors like ventilation and destructible doors to be able to finish a level.
-The game have an auto-save function however if you want to save your game anytime and anywhere, you can do it as you please.
-The last level will be a tough one, so be sure to be more careful. The Boss on the last level have 7.5k HP, unlike the others, they only have 100 HP.
-This is an Indie game so don't expect much on the story line. As you can see, I am just starting to venture on the game making industry.

Running the game:
-Unzip/unrar the game to any folder/directory you want it to be placed.
-Place a copy of the digmaan.exe on your desktop.
-For windows 7, run it as an administrator.

The game can run on Windows XP, Vista and Seven.

System Requirements:

Windows XP, Vista or 7
Core Processor with 2.96Ghz or equivalent
1 Gig ram or 2 Gig ram
512 mb video card (1 Gig recommended)
Sound card

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Thanks for this man! Very helpful!

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