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This tutorial teaches you how to make custom ammunition. (I borrowed the preview image from my friend Cooper_S. Thank you very much)

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1.Understanding the basics

a) The difference between ammunition and projectile

Ammunition is basicaly the thing in your inventory which your weapon uses up by shooting. The projectile is an actor which your weapon spawns when you shoot. The ammunition defines the projectile your weapon shoots and also defines if your weapon is hitscan or projectile based. Hitscan means that no projectile is launched , but game simulates the impact of fictional projectile.Hitscan is very limited and republic commando uses it only for sniper rifles. The advantage of projectiles is that you can have custom projectile travel speed , more accurate tracers , even ballistics!

b) Creating custom ammunition types

Ammunition is one of the non placeable actors , so you have to untick "show placeable classes only" to see it. It is under inventory section. Expand inventory section and then expand ammunition section.Then you pick the ammo type with properties similar to what you want it to be. CTAmmoRecharging means that ammo recharges over time which causes it to be infinite and never run out of. LaserWeaponAmmo creates laser beam instead of projectiles. Homing missile ammo homes automatically on enemies etc. Projectiles don´t really matter since they all work fine. Right click the ammo you picked and click new. Name it like you want to and put it into package you want to.

2. Creating and Setting up the Ammunition

Now open your ammunition actor. Then open up ammunition section. It is full of useful properties. Damage sets the damage of the ammo. Damage dampening multiplies the body part damage values. If you set it to 0 , weapon will deal the same damage to all bodyparts. If you set it to 1 , the damage will depend on the body part you hit. Hit Effects by Material sets the effects that appear when the weapon hits something. Hit Effects propability sets the propability of hit effect appearing (if you set it to 1 , everytime you hit something , the hit effect appears.). Proj per fire sets how much projectiles does your weapon shoot at once. higher settings than 1 are for shotguns. 1 is for most weapons. Range sets the range of your weapon.Tracer effect and tracer freq are only for hitscan weapons. In the hidden category , you can configure the projectile of your weapon (if it is projectile weapon) , weapon fire volume (ST_WeaponFireDefault is loud gunfire , ST_WeaponFireQuiet is for silenced and silent gunfire) and weapon damage type.

This is the end of the tutorial. Happy modding!


I like your choice of preview image ;)

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