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This tutorial will show you how to create your own unit portrait.

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It's fairly simple to do, you need to get a unit portrait from the game itself so you can see what size it will need to be and how similar you will need to design it. First thing is the flag of the country for the unit your creating, I created a Manchurian troop and thus needed a flag of Manchuko so go get the flag of your choice. I am using Photoshop here but you can apply all this to the program of your choice, next get a emblem and a army guy silhouette off Google or elsewhere.

Size them down to a similar shape and size of a base games faction unit portrait like so. It looks kinda crappy at the moment but just add a bunch of overlays and effects onto your layers, check the Photoshop file to see what I used and do the same if you want to. What I got for the overlays was cracks and dirt I think so hit up Google again for some of those, when done remember to save as TGA as that's what file type the game loads them as..... also place the file in your mod folder inside the portrait folder. You will find that here, resource\interface\scene and then portrait.

This is very simple to do but if you were confused then I hope this tutorial showed you to know how. This was the final product and it looks good, also to place it on a troop access the troop file and change the unit portrait name to the new one.

Here is the link to my Photoshop file so you can have access to what I used to create mine.

LucaThemaster - - 146 comments

May i ask, where is the troop file located and how's it called?

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TribalClasser - - 1 comments

I have this situation where two units from different factions use the same portrait. How can i change that? Any ideas? I want to make them both their individual portraits. (I'm using GSM mod. There are french troops and they use portraits of the brits.)

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LucaThemaster - - 146 comments

I located the troop files, to fix the french troops portraits i made my own portrait and i put it in the portrait folder and then i modified the troop file. About the troop file, if you don't know where it's located, it's located in resource/set/breed/mp...

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gamerethioper - - 12 comments

i want to add a background flag, but i don't know how.

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Erwin_Rommel43 - - 131 comments

not working

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