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The Wizard is a powerful magic user caperble of destruction un-imagined by lesser beings.

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]|[_____The Wizard_____]|[

last edit: 13-2-2010
-Wizard Class-

Weapon type: Wand
The Wizard is a powerful
magic user capable of
destruction un-imagined by
lesser beings.
High magical prowess
Good AoE damage

Highly mana dependent
Low hit-points


Speed: 230
Life: 50

Strength: 3 / +1.25 per Level
Intelligence: 11 / +3.25 per Level
Agility: 2 / +1.5 per level

User Posted Image Wand Skill: 1

User Posted Image Focus: 1

User Posted Image Wisdom: 5
User Posted Image Constitution: 0

User Posted Image Guile: 1

User Posted Image Willpower: 4

User Posted Image Rapidity: 1


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Fire Bolt

The Wizard hurdles a conjured ball of fire at an enemy, dealing damage.

The ball of fire has a 25% chance to explode upon impact, reducing the armor of units hit by Constitution and dealing Base damage*0.1 damage per second for 10 seconds.

Base: Wand Skill
Damage per Level: 45
Damage factor: 120%

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Electro Nova

The Wizard conjures a dense electro particle at an enemy, exploding upon impact sending piercing lightning through the enemy ranks and purging them.

Base: Focus
Damage per Level: 20
Damage factor: 75%

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Cone of Cold

The Wizard summons an arcane wave of frost, surging towards his enemies dealing damage and slowing all in its path.
Cold duration increases with level.

Base: Guile
Damage per Level: 25
Damage factor: 60%

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The Hero turns a foe and his surrounding brethren into foul swine, dis-abling then from attacking and casting spells.
Doesn't effect bosses.

Base: Rapidity
AoE increases with level

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Psyon Force

The Wizard calls forth the Psyon Forces of Algamor, saturating an area with pure magic.
Deals additional damage equal to 20% of your current mana

Base: Wisdom
Damage per Level: 30
Damage factor: 20%

The Guide to Magic

Welcome fellas, to this first attempt of a guide for the wizard class in the mod Tomb of Jarahcon
Your role in the Team is AoE damager, De-buffer and Disabler

You can perform all of your tasks from a distance - and this is exactly where you should stand in fights

Don't be the first one to run into unknown terrain. Hide behind the tanks, or in the middle of the group, if you become surrounded

Best tactics for a single Wizard is Hit and Run

Spell casting
As an AoE damager you should try to be the first to hit with your spells and to get most out of them. This could mean: when there are 2 enemies approaching you, hit one with a single target spell and try to kill the other one with your attacks.
Don't waste precious AoE spells like Electro Nova on them

When you do the Hit and Run tactics, disable your foes with Hex, Cone of Cold or Electro nova and run away to gain some puffer zone between their attacks and your hero

Fire Bolt is great for bosses or tough enemies and when the ball explodes it gives a really awesome armor De-buff, that will allow your party to increase their damage output on the specific target drastically

When you pick up or look for items, the following guidelines might help you to decide which items to keep and which to share or sell

Very good stats for you are:
Spell damage, Manaregeneration, Mana, Mana regain

Still good stats are:
Magic resist, Health, Increased stats, Movement speed, Crit Chance and Modifier

Bad stats are:
Damage, Attack Speed, Armor, Health regain and Regeneration

Skill and Train order
First off, check what your team got.
If you already have a lot of AoE damagers, maybe it's even time to change the class... but anyway, make sure you know what you want in the beginning of the game

At game start you get 5 EXP points and it might be a really good idea to spend them all in Willpower!
Your first skill should be
Fire Bolt: when you got enough AoE damagers
Electro-Nova: in the other case

So. What next? The wizard allows you several play styles.

As a disabler, you should focus on getting your Hex spell as high as possible and also go for full Rapidity as soon as you can.
A very unordinary play style however, since most games require pure power. But it is really 'powerful' if you already have some AoE-damagers, but you lack in De-buffs and disables. Like when you have a Ranger, but he doesn't use his Trap that much.

As an AoE-damager your primary target is to spam Electro-Nova and Cone of Cold. However, a little exploding Fire Bolt can't be bad.
For this *way of magic* you should go for 5 Willpower at the beginning and skill Electro-Nova first. If you feel you will have a low mana pool from time to time, put some points in Wisdom or get Mana(regeneration) items. This will also benefit your ultimate. Else just go for like 15 Focus first and after that some Guile.
Again, the spell casting order is important here too! Your Electro-Nova will purge the enemies. This means it removes all buffs from them! So what you have to avoid is casting Electro-Nova AFTER Cone of Cold! Don't do this!
Anyway, your next target should be full Focus and Electro-Nova now. This will make you hit very hard with criticals and it is also a very nice way to initiate fights. Creeps with low HP are always an easy prey.

The third way of wizardry is the Fire Bolt wizard or maybe Boss killer.
He is most effective, when you got the Ancient Item for him. This will make his Fire Bolt hit 3 targets in total and each one has a chance of 25% of exploding!.So it is then basically a huge damage, AoE DoT and De-buff. Oh yes, and it is spammable and costs low mana.
But remember, without the Ancient Item its just 1/3 of the real worth... so it is kinda a way for specialists or people, who want to try something new.
This still might be the most powerful of all paths to wizardry, but in most games you will most likely play the AoE damage wizard

Always remember! This is just a guideline! You always should adapt your style to your personal likings, the team and the current dungeon (as far as it is possible).
Feel free to develop your own way of magic (and maybe post it here^^)



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