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Swapping Models and Textures is the easiest way to modify GOF2.

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The models and textures of GOF2 are very easy to access.
This will work on all platforms, but i will use Windows as an example

To find the models and textures of 3d models, head to \Galaxy On Fire 2 HD\data\assets\main\3d\

In there you can access the 3d models in the "meshes" folder, and the textures in the "textures" folder.

Swapping the models and textures is very easy, as you only need to swap the filenames.

Here is an example (these steps work with almost all models and textures) where we replace the asteroid model with the bra model from the ending cutscene:

Step one: Swapping the models

1. head to meshes -> misc

2. rename asteroid_01.aem to asteroid_01_A.aem

3. rename bra.aem to asteroid_01.aem

4. rename asteroid_01_A.aem to bra.aem

Step two: Swapping the textures

1. head to textures -> high -> misc

2. rename asteroid_01_diffuse.aei to asteroid_01_diffuse_A.aei

3. rename beer_and_bra_diffuse.aei to asteroid_01_diffuse_A.aei

4. rename asteroid_01_diffuse_A.aei to beer_and_bra_diffuse.aei

5. Do the same with the normal_specular textures

6. head to texture -> low -> misc and repeat the steps


Models almost always have multiple textures, high and low textures. To avoid any issues, swap the textures in both high and low textures. If you were to swap the high textures of ships, npc ships wouldn't be affected if you don't swap the low textures as well.

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