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Are you tired of having to manually add veterancy to your breed files you ported or created? Take a look at this tutorial to find out how to automate it!!! And add veterancy to all your breeds in a single click!!! Backup your breeds folder first just in case!!!

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This tutorial will show you how to automate adding veterancy to your breed files with one click! Instead of opening them up one by one!

Backup your breeds folder first!!!

download Pspad via the fourth link on the bottom, thats how I got it.

first link is from fosshub, I don't trust that, its an installer...don't click, on top of that the site doesn't say pspad, I personally don't like downloading from external sites. I know the dev has removed bundled software from the installers at the beginning of march 15th, but in jan 2014 with my old cpu when I installed it I had to remove unwanted toolbars from my old computer even though the toolbar checkbox was unchecked, had to use adwcleaner to get rid of it..., so just to be on the safe side, don't click.

second link is from download3k, I don't trust that another installer..don't click.

third link is from fosshub, again, I don't trust that, it says zip, but the link directs to an html with two options of portable and installer who both link to #clicktodownload...and what happens when I click that, I'd rather not find out. how can I trust that link if it mislead me the first time!? needs to show me name of the file in the link like, not #clicktodownload, ha. Don't click.

Fourth link is from, ok thats official! It directly links to the zip file for direct download!

If it asks to connect to the internet, block it unless you want it to do a notepad++ charlie edition on you. Look it up. Its Creepy. X_x

Step By Step Video

Copy from gamelogic.pak/set/breeds/mp/usa into your nations folder that your adding veterancy to breeds with.

open up pspad

click on search on the menu bar at the top,
click on search/replace in files,

Check Selected Directory so it will give veterancy to all .set files in that folder only.


!make sure "{inventory" doesn't have any spaces like "{inventory " otherwise it wouldn't find and replace anything.

Text to find:

Replace With
{veterancy (include "") ("veterancy_1") } {inventory

Bam, your done, start Men of war assault squad 2, and spawn your new breeds, spawn enemy civilians, and wait until your troops crush them all, by the end of the battle they all have veterancy upgrades!

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