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Death Run 1.1 comes with new administration system which is much more advanced than in previous versions.
It does have an administration menu and permission levels system.


  • a - login to rcon
  • b - admin head icon
  • c - kill
  • d - wtf
  • e - spawn
  • f - warn
  • g - kick
  • h - ban
  • i - remove warn(s)
  • j - heal
  • k - bounce
  • l - drop item
  • m - teleport
  • n - finish round or map
  • o - restart round or map
  • x - show message to players when admin join server

No idea how does this work? Np, im here to explain.
You can have up to 32 administrators on your server.
Syntax is following: set dr_admin_loginpass_ ";;"
You will need to configure 2 dvars per admin
In this case example configuration should look like this:

set dr_admin_loginpass_0 "braxi;abc123;abcdefghijklmnox"
set dr_admin_0 "GUIDHERE;braxi;abcdefghijklmnox
set dr_admin_loginpass_1 "darmuh;1337password;bcdefgx"
set dr_admin_1 "GUIDHERE;darmuh;bcdefgx"

In the examples above, braxi will have full permissions and darmuh will have limited permissions.

Logging in to ACP
You will need to enter unique login and password in order to login to ACP, although command is very simple and you can bind it to key. If you fail authentication for 3 times in a row you will be temp banned from server and your action will be saved into log. Keep in mind that logins and passwords are case-sensitive.

EXAMPLE: /bind X "openscriptmenu -1 authorize:MyUsername:MyPassword"

EXAMPLE: /bind X "openscriptmenu -1 authorize:braxi:abc123"

Administration Menu
You should keep in mind that permissions are important in administration menu, in order to use this way of administration you will need to bind one command to key. You should execute this in your console:

/bind P "openScriptMenu -1 adminmenu"
The above bind will allow you to open the menu.
Make sure you added yourself in CFG, then you should be able to use admin menu while in game. Remember if you have changed something in the CFG you will need to execute it again.
[Image: 121100184-3.jpg]
In-game administration menu.

Rcon Commands
Death Run has plenty of rcon commands and two ways to use them.

  • \rcon admin "::"
  • \rcon adm "::"

In order to use them, administrator has to have "a" permission or be logged into rcon.

Commands are:

  • say/msg/message - bold message in centre of the screen
  • kill - kill player
  • wtf - funny way to kill player
  • teleport - teleports player to spawn point
  • redirect - redirects player to other server
  • savescores - saves all map records to log file, 1 - all maps, 0 - current map
  • kick - kicks player from server
  • cmd - executes command/dvar on player
  • warn - warn player
  • row - remove one warning from player
  • rw - remove all warnings from player
  • ban - ban player
  • restart - restart round and keep player scores (value: 1), restart map (value: 0)
  • finish - end round (value: 1), end game (value:0)
  • bounce - bounce player
  • drop - drop player's current weapon
  • takeall - take all weapons from player
  • heal - restore player's health to maximum
  • spawn - spawn player


\rcon adm "kick:noob:you are cheating!"
\rcon admin "restart:0"
\rcon adm "heal:braxi"
\rcon adm "msg:welcome everybody!"
\rcon adm "redirect:braxi:"
\rcon admin "redirect:2:"
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Nakashi - - 1 comments

Hi Braxi.
I make deathrun server with youre deathrun mod.
server is functioning normally,but i have problem with login to admin panel.
I have some steps.
In options i set administration panel to "x"
next i open ingame console and write:
/set dr_admin_loginpass_0 "Nakashi;abc123;abcdefghijklmnox"- And here i have question.

where you get this password?(abc123)
is a rcon password?

Next i write /bind X "openscriptmenu -1 authorize:Nakashi:(where i write my rcon password)"

There must be rcon password or what?
Where i press "X" write this: Incorrect name or password.
When i press 3×X,i was banned.
Where i can get password for login in admin panel?
Please can u help me?Thanks.

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AcTzRelyt - - 3 comments

You write the password you set in deathrun.cfg not your rcon password..

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Guest - - 694,947 comments

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