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This tutorial will guide you in creating a modified ISO that can be used to inject custom liveries.

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This guide covers how to add the custom PAC files that are required to do livery modifications in Ace Combat 5 and rebuild the ISO file back for use.


-Have Python version 3.8.5 or newest installed on your computer.

-WinRar or 7zip installed on your computer

-AC5 modding tools and files bundle (available here)

-An ISO file of Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War. It must be the american release of the game.

Special thanks to Redump for the information about the required ISO file:

Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War (NTSC-U)
Region: USA
Serial: SLUS-20851
Version: 1.00
CRC-32: aa955654
MD5: 8fcc89eaf8a5481bce65ef713d42a6c1
SHA1: b0823e719afac1d6b9c4ce1697bd6b8546382e8d


This PAC file will not work with PAL, NTSC-JP and other versions of the game besides the american one.

Due to me not a owning a PS2 I can't assure that the rebuilt (and modified) ISO file will work on real hardware.

CDVD_IML2ISO requires to be installed first before using it.


Grab the ISO file of AC5 and extract its contents in a new folder (you can use either WinRar or 7zip to do this). Once the extraction is complete you will find the following files inside it:

cdvd 01

Go to the AC5 custom PAC file subfolder of the AC5 modding tools and files pack folder and copy the BIN folder inside it. Now paste it over the BIN folder from where you extracted the contents of your AC5 ISO. You'll be asked if you want to overwrite files so just hit YES to everything.

Run the CDVDGEN tool (located inside the AC5 ISO tools folder). As soon the program boots up it will ask you if you want to create a new project or open an already existent one. Click on the Create new project radio button then on OK.

Another window will pop up asking you the type of project you want to create. Click on the DVD-ROM Master Disc radio button then OK again.

Go to the folder where the AC5's ISO contents where extracted to then drag and drop every file/folder into CDVDGEN's window:

cdvd 02

Make sure the files are in the same order as shown in the picture above, otherwise the rebuilt ISO file will not work.

Now click on the VOLUME button (located next to the DIRECTORY and LAYOUT buttons) and the CDVDGEN window will switch to a panel form with empty fields:

cdvd 03

Configure yours so it matches with the picture shown above.

On the tools' menu bar click on FILE then on EXPORT IML FILE and a save dialogue box will pop up. Type the name of the IML file to export and click on SAVE. For this tutorial and for the sake of simplicity I used "AC5" as the filename of my IML file. CDVDGEN will then export two files: *.IML and *.IMS.

cdvd 04

Close CDVDGEN. You'll be asked if you want to save the project so just say no to everything.

Run CDVD_IML2ISO. Click on the yellow folder icon then locate and load the IML file we previously saved:

alice31 orig

Now click on the IML2ISO, select a save path for new ISO file and the tool will begin to process the data from the folder where we extracted the contents of our original AC5 ISO file, but this time with the modified DATA.PAC/TBL files.

Once the process is complete exit CDVD_IML2ISO and delete both *.IML and *.IMS files.

Now you can use the newly created ISO file to add custom liveries into it.

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