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A look at two of the Minor Factions you can recruit.

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Today we'll look at two other Minor Factions that you can employ in Hyrule Conquest.


Perhaps one of the oldest races native to the Gerudo Desert, the Zuna are an isolated culture of reptilian builders and weapon crafters. Though they seem fairly cordial with the Darknut Legion, the Zuna will rarely make contact with anyone outside of weapon dealings. The skill with which the Zuna make their weapons is legendary, so legendary that the Darknut Legion employs them to create incredibly ornate swords for their soldiers. Despite their famous profession, the Zuna rarely ever engage in warfare and their mercantile army usually only operates out of defense.

The Zuna provide players with an excellent assortment of siege weaponry. Factions that lack many good options for destroying bases will want to consider setting up an Embassy with the Zuna. Their unique building is the Oasis, which can quickly heal organic units inside of a Zuna base.

Tridenteer - Wielding their iconic tridents in hand, these Zuna soldiers patrol the confines and borders of the Merchantmen capital, Zunayus. While technically no more than police, these Zuna are sufficiently trained to defend against a full-scale invasion of their homeland.

Tribowmen - Along the terraced walls of Zunayus, scores of these deadly archers defended the capital for many generations. The strange design of the Zuna's crossbow allowed it to hold and store up to three bolts instead of one, giving them the chance to fire several shots before reloading.

Devalant - Devalants are giant, burrowing creatures with large snapping pincers that can be found in the far western reaches of the Gerudo Desert. They create sinkholes in the sand as they burrow underneath, drawing in their prey. When a suitable target is near, the Devalant will vomit a burning fireball onto its victim. The Zuna were known to occasionally domesticate these creatures, using them as a sort of guard dog for their villages.

Triballista - Much like their handheld crossbow, the Zuna Triballista allowed its crew to load up to three giant bolts at a time instead of one. A single Triballista could hurl these bolts at multiple targets, potentially breaking open multiple holes in an enemy's defense.

Siege Tower - A giant and mighty battering ram that the Zuna once used to destroy many a castle, they were perhaps most well known from history in the battle against Baral's Stand, where they managed to break into the mighty Darknut fortress. The Siege Tower can effortlessly destroy the heaviest of fortifications and garrison troops inside.

Visier Vorday - The wealthiest and most powerful Zuna to have lived, Master Vorday amassed his assets by being a suck-up and yes-man to the various empires of the Gerudo Desert. While he may be seen as a total coward by outsiders, his habit of selling out to foreigners has lead to the Zuna becoming a giant merchant empire and biggest arms dealer in all of Hyrule.


Hailing from Crescent Island just south of Labrynna, the Tokay were, at first glance, a tribal and primitive collection of people. Their odd manner of speaking, awkward behavior, and obsession with mundane items such as clothing over rupees gave them a reputation for being backward and outright stupid. Despite their quirky demeanor, the Tokay proved to be more than a pushover tribe of spear-wielding reptile barbarians.

The Tokay provide players with cheap and affordable fodder units, as well as aquatic options. Goron and Darknut players might be drawn to using the Tokay to supplement their expensive units and give them a fighting force on the water. Their unique building is the Big Boss Hut, which provides a large boost to Population Cap and spawns a free Battalion of Tokay Hunters.

Hunter - Armed with a spear in hand, Tokay Hunters would skim along the coast of Crescent Island and hunt the many large fish that roamed the sea. When threatened on land they could easily hold their ground as well.

Slinger - Tokay Slingers were the defenders of their island homeland, knocking out and tripping up anyone who invaded. Large groups of Slingers could unleash a huge storm of stones with terrifying speed.

Bonker - Donning a coconut shell on their heads, Tokay Bonkers were sent skull first into enemy lines. They would ram into targets much larger than themselves, more often than not sending themselves and their foes staggering in opposite directions.

Aquadongo Jockey - Riding on top of a breed of Dodongo native to the Crescent Islands, these mounted jockeys can cross through harsh waters where ships cannot. On land they can halt enemy cavalry with their spears while in the water they can keep sea creatures at bay.

Guerrilla - These sneaky bands of Tokay have mastered the art of not drawing attention to themselves, something not hard to pull off since most dismiss the Tokay in general. The Guerrilla can hide in open view and sneak explosives into an enemy base, sabotaging their buildings and bringing them down to rubble.

Big Boss Otaylo - Otaylo became Boss of the Tokay not because of power, intellect, or bloodlines... but because she bought a blue shirt to wear from Labrynna. With a spear in arms and Coconut on her head, the Big Boss clumsily leads the Tokay on hunting parties and raids against merchants for new and shiny trinkets.

Next time we'll take a lot at two more Minor Factions that will make it into the next release, the Gorons of Rolling Ridge and the Wizzrobe.

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I love the Tokay they're so silly! Also love mass assaults!

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