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On the pic you can see the team representation from the event.

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Okay guys we are already back from Łódź. It was a wonderful experience. On one hand it was very tiring, but on the other it was very lucrative and we had a lot of fun during those two days. Even though we didn’t win (congrats Tangent Universes) we are even more eager to improve our project thanks to the feedback we got during this event. The other thing that I really enjoyed was our game. We spent around two days playing it and I still want some more (killing guys from my team is so damn enjoyable). What is more, I have experienced a thing which makes people want to become gamedevs. A lot of people really liked playing Aphotic. Looking at players being spooked out by an alien jumping out of darkness is an image I will replay in my mind over and over again.

Well let’s cut to the chase. The major changes and new features will include:

  • Rebuilding the map with some POI
  • Improving gameplay mechanics (mostly lighting)
  • Replacing flares with glow sticks
  • Analyzing statistics according to data that we will gather after every match

Well, for now I think you are up-to-date but stay tuned, we will add some new posts soon ;)

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