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Zoran is going to be part of the New Canon. Yeah, i am going to save this character and make him again strong and powerful.

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Hello friends.

I am going to save this character in my New Canon universe.

As you know, in the Old Canon mister Zoran was one of villains, who wanted to capture the whole universe. He was member of H`Shangaara race, as Salah`Zarr and other liar-gods. He had a lot of warriors in his army, many machines and space fleets. Zoran Empire was one of the mighty star realms. It also had another name - Necroempire of Zoran. Now i want to say, that i`m going to save all of this.

In the New Canon Zoran is not a ruler of his own empire... for now. He just wants to do it. I am going to show you his rising. His path to victory and absolute power. He is not H`Shangaara representative now, he is a halfblood creature, halfhuman and half-"mysterious alien". I will say you all secrets very soon. But i don`t want to kill Zoran. Old Canon wasn`t good, but many heroes from there were really cool. And Zoran was cool too. So he is now part of the New Canon. Remember it.

Thanks anyway

Regards Alex

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