A Total Conversion fod Doom2. In the country of Glaviota (an imaginary eastern country), scientists test an unknown matter: the purple goo.

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A GZDoom total conversion mod by tonton Mayonnaise.

This game takes place in the imaginary eastern country of Glaviota. You're Ivanov, a new worker in the Purple Goo secret test facility.
The purple goo is a mysterious and unknown matter that is being tested by scientists in Glaviota. We don't know the power of this strange matter.
It's your first day in the facility, you are late and have to rush to the monitoring room.

in this mod, you'll have to kill zombis, gather zombi essence they drop after dying (a small green cloud) and use your spray on the goo spots that continuously generate zombis ...

what's in this mod :
* funny zombis
* lot of gore and green blood
* 4 type of weapons : normal firearms, super, overpowered, energy
* 4 skill levels :

- Soo easy:
* few zombis that die once shot

- easy:
* some zombis that still stand without their head / chest / arms

- Butt kicking:
* lots of zombis that still stand without their head / chest / arms

- rotting hell:
* zombis that still stand without their head / chest / arms

- Guts and brains:
* zombis fall then stand again without their head / chest / arms

* custom sprites
* custom textures
* custom sounds

I tried my best to make this game fun.
Hope you'll like it ...

tonton Mayonnaise

Screenshot Doom 20210408 071918

Screenshot Doom 20210408 071536

Screenshot Doom 20210408 072100

Screenshot Doom 20211005 171401

Screenshot Doom 20211005 171412


you used GL 2050 screenshots instead of zombioska screenshots

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