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Thaaaats right, its the moment you have all been waiting for! No really it is!

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Thaaaats right, its the moment you have all been waiting for! No really it is! Your social life may depend on it...out now is what all the cool kids are playing, the topic of anyone that matters.. thats right! Zombie Pirate Robot Attack has just been released so don't miss out! Limited time only.

Hot on the heals of the worldwide phenomenons: Zombie Headmash 5, Electroshock 3 and Pirate Torment Gold Fever 6, comes the culmination of all our efforts;

Buy now!


Mac - Coming soon!

Zombie Pirate Robot Attack. You saw us look like idiots on our Facebook page. You felt for us when we kept missing our self imposed deadlines because we wanted the game to be as good as we possibly could get it, and our girlfriends/boyfriends kept nagging us about the housework. You put up with our lame marketing attempts and inappropriate self-promotion, you heard us whinge and wine about Publishers, and finally after 9 months of effort, we’re done, and it might even be a great, fun and addictive game.

Battle wave upon wave of walking dead, throat cutting pirates and robots hell bent on destruction using all the different weapons at your disposal. Every weapon is different, and requires different tactics and combos. Each level introduces new enemies and new strategies.

Check us out!

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