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And again, some information about what's working for now.

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Everyday I'm working on this project and trying to make it more realistic, interesting and unusual.

Here is the gameplay video:

For this time I'm fully made easy weapons system. You can take new weapon, drop, reload, unload (soon I'll add weapons system for hard level, it will be more realistic, soon you'll see it). Fully working blood splash, holes from bullets. Almost all objectives are working fine (only last objective with helicopter badly working for now).

Next my goal:

  • - add more weapons (melee and firearm);
  • - Fix all objectives in biotec map;
  • - infection;
  • - Realistic weapons reload system (for Hard level);
  • - some small fixes;


Hi, its me again. Gotta comment what I saw and what I like/dislike.
Because you might need it.

Lets start from start (Badumms!):
"1) Everyday I'm working for this project and
2) tried to make it more realistic,
3) more interested
4) and not unusual."

1) Nice. You actually do stuff instead procrastinating and designing as me.
2) Don't make it realistic. We have OccupationCS for realism.
Make it easy to use, fun to use and what's more important - logically viable.
Main example is AK47 and Magnum from main game - you expect them both to be strong, accurate (to some point atleast) and hard (recoil wise). You don't get that in-game because Resident Evil logics.
3) Make the game for both teams very rich gameplay-wise. Ability to use one weapon in a different way is a must. Also, do not try to make both teams to play-on their advantages (Survivors being ranged fighters and zombies - excellent melee). I'd vote for scarce amount of weapons+ammo for good melee system and carrier's bullsh;t infection system for something like Resident Evil: Outbreak one.
4) That's a mistake, right? (Not)*(un)usual = usual... Dude :D

P.S. Wait for update, I'm watching video.
Btw I also have a design sheet if you need it... But I don't know how it will work, because I did it for non-VR.

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1. Make Rifle ammo model as its in Original or make your own (did you decided ammo system right now or it will stay "Pistol Rifle Shotgun Revolver"?).
2. Weight and ammo counters are a must.
3. Speed relationship with weight is a must versus ammo hoarding.
4. How about ammobelt alike H3VR? i'd even vote for two handed shooting for rifles.
5. Constant locomotion is a must. Player should not think about moving in such fast game like Original.

P.S. Oh sh;t, you have different ammo for MP5 unlike Original :D Also, I'm not going to swarm you with suggestions - just make 1 map and all that stuff working and you're golden.

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DarkGhostterran Author

Ahah, "Unusual".. It's my badly eng, sorry :D

1) About the Rifle ammo, for now I have change fully it (I'll show it in new video).
2) "two handed shooting for rifles" I working on it. It's really one of the important work.
3) About the realistic - it's only a one of the level, not basic gameplay (only for test maybe). I want to give players some awesome emotions and feel themself in the gameworld (cause it VR, right?). But I only started working on it and can change a lot in the future.
4) Weight and etc, yeah, I know.. very very soon! :D
5) "Make the game for both teams very rich gameplay-wise" - will be soon, because for now the most important objective: weapons, zombies AI/players and in-game atmosphere.

Anyway, thanks for your comments and interest in the project! I'll be wait for your another comments :D

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The only thing to say is just "Make it right".

And not into "The only winning way is not to play"

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