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Here is some information about this game and what's ready now.

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In my freetime I'm develop this game for HTC Vive in Unity.

Of course, this is port of original mod for half-life 2, but I made it from zero (not models, sounds and textures, that's from original mod). For now I have ready map "zpo_biotec" (with objectives), but player can play only for human (all zombies are bots).

IK test

By the way, what's worked for now:

  • Zombies AI;
  • AK and USP (and remington870, m4, mp5, crowbar, but troubles with changes weapons, soon fix it);
  • biotec map with objectives;
  • Sounds effects, Post processing;
  • Movement system (walking in real and move to point ingame);

Next my goal:

  • fix ragdoll;
  • add new weapons;
  • infection;
  • newest weapons reload system;
  • some small fixes;

That's really awesome for me, because it's my first project for htc vive. I want to say thanks to the developers of the original game (zombie panic source), you're the best developers team!

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