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Zombie Panic! VR Demo version is available now! Just download and play.

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Hey! Zombie panic! VR Demo is available fow download now! All what you're need just download and have the fun!

Here is gameplay video:

Zombie Panic! VR _ Demo v0.1_a

What's working for now:

  • Zombies AI (while multiplayer does not work);
  • Map Biotec with all objectives (In demo available not all);
  • Movement system for htc vive;
  • Weapons (glock18, ppk, usp, ak, m4, mp5, remington870);
  • Two handed shooting (for more realistic gameplay);
  • Realistic reload weapons;
  • Weight system;
  • Melee weapons (crowbar, chair, axe, baseball bat and etc);
  • Menu;

Map choose

Next my goal:
- infection (it's almost done);
- Magnum and shotgun (problems with reload system);
- Play for zombies (it's almost done);

How To Play:

Left controller:

  • Menu button - Exit (pls hold);
  • Touchpad - Inventory (touch for choose and press for vote);
  • Grip Buttons (Grab objects);
  • Trigger - Movement;

Right Controller:

  • Menu button - Drop current weapon;
  • Touchpad - Drop Mag from current weapon (Press for it);
  • Trigger - Fire;


How to play

Thanks all for download and have the fun!

If you have questions about this project or something else, you can write me.


Good news! Thank you for your hard work on this project!

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DarkGhostterran Author

Heh, thanks for your comment! I'm glad to see that you like this project!:))

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Looking real good, and the melee looked really funky, but fun. If I had a HTC Vive, I would try this right away :)

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DarkGhostterran Author

Thanks for your comment. Melee weapons not the final variant. I want to change them, but later. When I'll done with available play for zombies, this will be really so funny :)) Soon I'll show it.

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