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ZM: Reborn Alpha 1 has been released. Hopefully it has been worth the weight.

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ZM: Reborn Alpha 1 has been released. Hopefully it has been worth the weight.

What's new?

  • Rewritten from scratch.
  • Fixes, fixes and more fixes.
  • Better performance. (don't give me all the credit, it's 2013, ya know...)
  • Easier to use FGD for mappers.

Plans for the future:

  • Better method of showing objectives on the screen. Say goodbye to game_text. This is goal numba one.
  • Implement the missing old mechanics.
  • Fancier HUD. Say goodbye to stock HL2 hud.
  • And eventually, replace old assets. (can't fully promise this one)

Image 1Image 4

So... it's alpha... what's missing?

  • The objectives screen. (the planned objectives hud will eventually replace it)
  • Few ZM abilities: defensive mode/ambush/zombie groups (which was broken in the original anyway)
  • Zombie pathing may not be up to snuff.
  • Player model panel doesn't work. (blame Steampipe for this one)

Why release it now?

Zombie Master has been dead for a while, but a dedicated group of players have kept it alive. I believe that new updates will keep new players interested while letting the old, dedicated players finally rest easy on the new engine. + Free playtesting is also neat. :^)

Image 3Image 2

I want to help, what do I do?

You can contribute on Github, or if you're more of an artist, you can contact me. Just playing the damn thing would also help...

How do I setup Hammer/Dedicated server?

Tutorials will be posted soon.

Guest - - 695,329 comments

Nice, i loved that mod but sad it kinda died.
Would love to see some sweet custom models for the creatures.
Keep it up!

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El_Zongo - - 140 comments

I'm happy this is back.

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JonnyBoy0719 - - 2,785 comments

for the broken player model selection (thanks valve), I suggest you create your own from scratch, that's what I had to do for ZPS. It's probably for the best than fixing valve's own broken code :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes
Prince_Dragoon - - 457 comments

Cant wait!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
TheRenegadist - - 2,088 comments

Yes! Right on! I hopped on last night and saw no servers were listed and that the ZMR forums were removed so I'm hoping this relights the fire in the ZMR community and puts this mod back on the map!

Thank you!

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Rob12772 - - 126 comments

When I was younger, I played the hell out of it.

I hope more people will play it someday cause it's definitely a mod worth playing with friends and other people.

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Guest - - 695,329 comments

Just a reminder that there's also gmod version

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SeRRi - - 65 comments


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AAAStudios - - 136 comments

Is there a chance we'll be able to see Zombie Master gamemode on Gmod?

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Twitch/MojoRising - - 67 comments

Zombie Master Resurrected. A Discord group aimed at connecting ZM players.

Join up, its great for finding people to play with.

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Guest - - 695,329 comments

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