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Zombie Hunter Mike is an auto-running platformer which offers a balanced mix of blazingly fast gameplay, high-quality 3 dimesional graphics, and yet simple controls.

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Mike goes home to his peaceful residence, but he is unpleasantly surprised when he finds out that his dog is brutally attacked by his zombified neighbor. After a few phone calls to his friends, he learns that a brilliant but disturbed scientist attempted to clone himself using 3d printers and genome technology but unintentionally created a highly contagious infection turning humans into rampaging mindless zombies.

Zombie Hunter Mike is an endless auto-running platformer in which you attempt to go as far as you can without falling down from the bridges and rooftops or losing all your health. You can always hit zombies but if you get in direct contact with them you'll lose health and get infected. There are different types of infections. "Abjection" for instance, will shrink your cells effecting osmosis and eventually you'll become smaller in size making it hard for you to jump further. It will also paralyze certain muscles disabling you to hit the zombies. Effects of infections will degrade over time.

Controls are fairly easy, just tap to jump or swipe different directions for different types of attacks. You can swipe on air for aerial attacks and even override rules of Newtonian physics. Headbutt, tornado kick, spin kick are some of the attacks Mike can perform.

Expanding inventory requires money and money can be earned by completing missions or collecting coins along the way. Every item has different effects on player health, speed and infection prevention.


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