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Next version of the mod is almost done.

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Hello fans and players! ZMS Mod 0.00.04 is almost done!

Lots of work was done to improve the mod:

Firstly, Tyranids are rebalanced and... old model are replaced by models from DoW II:

And... two new bio-titans!

Secondly, AI is fixed:

Some times it builds relic units...

Thirdly, new incredible effects of explosion!

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great news!! tyranids looking better like this explosions looking cool.

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I like your mod A LOT !!!!!!!!!!

I do not like polemics but please continue your great work because your mod IS GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Two wishes: Be sure that Ai build Relic units (I've reed some times, but meaby was ironic..) And if you think add air strike in a way similar to those of GreenScorpion's Veteran mod.

I'm really pleased to play your mod, then

Thank you a lot !!!!!

... And bow to Boychaos the great modeller :)

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Hi, this is a great mod, but what I would really like to see is the Reaver titan model from the Apocalypse mod.

The Warhound is the same model already I believe.

The size of titans in ZMS mod is much better than in Apocalypse mod!

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May I ask: is it legal? No offense, but I hope Relic Entertainment don't come knocking your door without permission, right?

As much as a big fan of Tyranids, I hope your mod don't harm the overall community, cheers

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