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Zion Eternal has returned with new improvements to the mod, now with better animations, new mechanics and improvements in the HUD

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Zion Eternal V 1.5


What have this mod?

This mod has almost all the weapons of Doom Eternal except for the pistol removed from the final version which was also removed from this mod, also with its modifications to improve our arsenal


Credits to the original Zion creators, to my friend Kei 0102, Diego Slayer 12, Rage Slayer and Hellomemy for giving me graphics and sprites for the development of this mod thank you guys very much!

Credits to Malingo for creating Lambda Eternal and its assets which were very useful for this mod

Screenshot Doom 20211206 234719

Screenshot Doom 20211206 235035

Screenshot Doom 20211206 235012

Zion Eternal New Update Include

New Sprites for the weapons

Gun flash added to some weapons

Sentinel hammer and Crucible (New)

Unmakyr (New)

All DE Weapons

DE Sounds

Compatible with Gz Doom 4.0.0 and higher

Compatible with Lz Doom 3.87

Compatible with Delta Touch

Upgrade Menu (In progress)

In the future...?

Make fixed position to the hud

Add Eternal Doom monsters

Improve the meathook as it is still very regular until now, I plan to use the Eoa IDKFA hud for the development of a new meathook mechanism but the lambda hook will continue to be used

Completely remove broken sprites

Add a Menu in the style of Doom Eternal

Add hud colors

If you have suggestions let them know on Discord Join

Zion Eternal Donwload LInk



“What have this mod?”
a better translation would be,
“What's in the mod?”

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Compatible with lzd v3.8.4?

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