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Another week, another fresh build of Zero Gear on steam to play with!

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Another week, another fresh build of Zero Gear on steam to play with! If you haven't checked out our beta yet - you can grab a key here and start playing! Also, help show your support by joining our steam group! Change Log

* 65 MS of lag removed
* Increased the network sync time to 30 times a second from 20
* Quick play button added to the main menu which will join the best server or start a local server if there aren't any good servers to join
* Reverse speed increased slightly
* Soccer ball tweaked so it is easier to hit around
* Player karts colored based on their team in Goal mode
* Tag rules modified
* Spring and punch strength increased slightly
* Punchbowl tag map reduced in size and other tweaks
* Some trees removed from downhill part of Chill Mountain
* Min players now defaults to 4 instead of 0
* The score now sorts correctly in Target mode
* Significantly improved the performance of the collision detection code when there are many objects in the world
* Bandwidth usage improved now as time shift wasn't enabled in the last build (oops)
* Going in reverse at the start of Chill Mountain will no longer cause the player to get stuck at the starting line
* The number of bots can be adjusted during play by changing the minimum number of players in the server manager GUI
* The maximum number of player will not be exceeded on a server anymore
* The player list in the server manager GUI now updates correctly when people leaving/join the server
* Pressing connect at the server browser when no server is selected no longer tries to join a local server
* Mouse sensitivity slider added to settings
* New "auto" mouse look mode added as default, the old mode can be enabled in the settings if desired
* Bots ping times in the roster GUI are now listed as "BOT" instead of the real ping time
* Players in result GUI no longer display above other GUIs in Goal and Tag mode
* Kicked players now go back to the main menu after being kicked
* Players with names longer than 32 character no longer cause the server to throw an error
* Exit removed from the key binding list in settings
* XPadder profile added to the Assets directory for the PC XBox 360 controller


Keep up the good work guys ^_^

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Any chance of getting a real LAN mode?

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The new version won't start up on my pc. I get the following error:


Error while calling Lua function: Main

Reported Error: OGRE EXCEPTION(10:MyGUIException) ComboBox: SetIndexSelected Index Number 8 out of range [8] in MyGUI at \src\MyGUI_ComboBox.cpp (line 327)

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marshmonkey Author

this can be fixed by replacing the 8 with a 7 in Server/serverSettings.txt

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