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The thrilling conclusion to the Zerg Campaign has arrived. Do you have what it takes to cement Kerrigan's dominion over Azeroth?

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This update brings the last chapter of the Zerg Campaign.

A whole year ago, the first public alpha of this project was released on Hive Workshop. It's come a very long way, since then, from a borderline-unplayable mess to something that I can say I'm quite proud of.

alpha1 z02 startbeta5 z02 start

It's been a fun journey. I learned a lot more about War3 modding than I had initially planned to, but it was worth it to make something I always wanted to see.

There will likely be further minor patches whenever I have time to address issues as they're reported. And don't forget this mod now also supports custom games to extend the lifespan of this historic crossover.

Also I've uploaded more gameplay videos on YouTube, covering the first three chapters of the campaign. Check 'em out here.

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