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An overview of some of the main Yuuzhan Vong faction heroes coming out in the next release.

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At least sixteen Yuuzhan Vong and Peace Brigade heroes are coming up in the next release.


Nom Anor - Space: stolen Lambda-class shuttle

The first playable Yuuzhan Vong hero. Nom Anor is an advanced scout, spreading chaos in the Galaxy ahead of the Yuuzhan Vong's invasion.


Vergere - galactic only

A Sith Lord and former Jedi Knight seeking to rebuild the Sith in her own image. She is posing as the familiar of the Priestess Elan, and serves as a spy.


Supreme Commander Nas Choka - Miid Ro'ik 'Yammka'

A formidable Yuuzhan Vong warrior who commands a powerful Star Destroyer-analogue. He will eventually become the Yuuzhan Vong's Warmaster.

Nas Choka

Yomin Carr - ground

A spy and assassin who sabotaged the ExGal-4 listening station.


Commander Tsalok - Miid Ro'ik 'Bane of Le'Ung'

A fleet commander who slew the Jedi Master Lar Le'Ung early on in the war.


Mandalore Boba Fett - Slave One

Leader of the Mandalorians. He briefly collaborated with the Yuuzhan Vong, but quickly betrayed the invaders. He provides access to some Mandalorian units while he is in their service.


Priestess Elan - galactic only

A spy and assassin.

Priestess Elan

Nen Yim - galactic only

A shaper who provides economic bonuses on the galactic map thanks to her search for forbidden scientific knowledge.

Nen Yim

Ambassador Yarmond - ground

A Yuuzhan Vong spy posing as the Imperial ambassador to the New Republic.


Shedao Shai - Kor'chokk 'Legacy of Torment'

Shai is the rival of Jedi Master Corran Horn and commands the Yuuzhan Vong battlecruiser analogue 'Legacy of Torment'.


Chine-kal - Clustership 'Creche'

Commands an unarmed Yammosk carrier which dramatically increases combat effectiveness of Yuuzhan Vong ships and can call in powerful reinforcements.

Chine kal

Deign Lian - ground

A formidable Yuuzhan Vong warrior.


Harrar - galactic only

This respected Yuuzhan Vong priest provides price reductions thanks to the fervour he inspires.


Reck Desh - CR90 (mod.)

The first leader of the Peace Brigade. He commands a heavily modified CR90 armed with turbolasers, lasers and ion pulse missiles. He is escorted by a small force of other Peace Brigade ships.

Reck Desh

Prefect Da'Gara - galactic

Leader of the Yuuzhan Vong vanguard that established itself on Helska IV. Da'Gara provides very significant fleet combat bonuses.


Devry - Imperial I-class Star Destroyer

An Imperial traitor who has aided the Yuuzhan Vong. He commands an ISD-I.


Blue_Fyre - - 713 comments

while reading this ... are yammosk's going to appear? like an equivalent to the fleet commanders of the original game? if yes, can i also disable them with these jamming-devices?

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The_Story_Continues Author
The_Story_Continues - - 797 comments

They will. You can't jam them, but you can destroy them!

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