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A introduction to a place where I upload CNCNET addons for YR.

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Hello there YR players! I am GDI Grenadier, a new Modder for YR. Originally I was known as "The Stickeroni" but i changed it cause i thought the name sucked.

This is collection of addons I'm making for Yuri's Revenge that adds a few things such as options that toggles units from MISSING's survival maps. Along side the that is also some options for Starting Credits and Starting units.

I may also upload this massive map pack that was released a while back, by who i do not remember. It includes more than 3000+ maps all varying in quality.

Soon there will be more addons released, so far there is onl the options i have mentioned above.

If you want to play online, all players in your lobby must have the addons installed.

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