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New Youtube channel, DOOM:ONE progress and more! Subscribers please read!!

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So this has been a busy week!!

I have started work on The Shores of Hell, I have 2 levels linked and working, now adding the detail before I move onto the third. My Youtube channel with which I have been showing you the videos was also offered a partnership... but due to google being A******S I cant take on my current channel.... but I digress!

I will release the second episode in the same format that I did with Knee Deep in the Dead. Once I have a working 4 level beta it will be released, followed by the full episode. I will be filming various sections of this to give you all an idea of the process I go through to make these maps, and the WAD management so far. The first of these videos is below;

While I am on the subject of videos, I wanted to take a quick moment to talk about the new channel. The channel name is RM-DOOM (Link: Here) where I will be showcasing all of my DooM related work as of the foreseeable future. I appreciated everyone that has viewed so far, and anyone who has subscribed please move over to the new channel to support me and help me get my partnership!!

On that note, I have a long standing Brutal Doom series... which I will be continuing... the teaser is below! Peace out guys, I'll have a mapping update for you soon!!

adamelloco - - 2 comments

this is a copy of brutal doom?

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Bambamalicious Author
Bambamalicious - - 188 comments

No, Brutal Doom is on my webseries. This is a mod linking all the nine levels in each chapter into one long level.

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Archvile64 - - 3 comments

I noticed when I was playing your Knee deep in the dead of DoomOne, that everytime I went to the next level, my screen would stop for a sec as if the level was being loaded. Did you do something to make the game do this or is it my computer. Also (maybe your already aware of it) when you enter the added section to the third level(toxin ref.) the path in front is blury, as if there is a line there and thinks its a wall or something with no texture asigned to it.

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Bambamalicious Author
Bambamalicious - - 188 comments

Yes I did notice this, I think its due to the metal remixes being loaded. I am going to be producing two different downloads, one with and one without to see if that clears it up!

Any chance you can get a photo of the HOM effect and PM it to me, I think I may have fixed it...

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go0der - - 153 comments

ah iron-sight mode, the new useless way to make shooting video game guns cooler.

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Guest - - 699,555 comments

Only useless if there isn't a difference in accuracy between "firing from the hip" and "aiming down sites" or Ironsights. It also adds a level of immersion and a goal of most games is to try and add as much immersion as possible with out taking out the fun factor. Brutal doom it's useless but fun games like CoD (which Is old and stale now)and BF3 properly implement it and it's not a waste or useless it really adds to the depth and immersion.

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Bambamalicious Author
Bambamalicious - - 188 comments

The latest versions of Brutal Doom give you 100% accuracy with the assault rifle under ironsights, and a tighter spread on the shotgun.

FYI, my mod is NOT an ironsights mod.

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