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The base-building demo of Digitanks is now ready.

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The base-building demo of Digitanks is now ready. You can download it on the download page (Or, here at the equivalent IndieDB download page). If you enjoy the demo, please take a stop by the Help Us page to see how you can assist in the development of Digitanks. Here’s a screenshot of the downloadable wares in question:

Many people have asked for a central place to voice their thoughts on the development of Digitanks. To this end I’ve erected a forum for the purpose of discussions of all things Digitanks. Discussion of other things is optional but encouraged. I decided against a blog comment system in favor of this since I think this will keep things more organized and in a central location, but if you think a blog comment system would be better then please make sure that opinion reaches my ears at some point. I hope that this forum won’t become a wretched hive of scum and villainy as so many locales on the Internet tend towards, but I can’t guarantee anything.

Also an additional reminder: If you spend any time on Steam or Facebook, please note that we have groups on those systems specifically for the purpose of showing fandom and appreciation for this wonderful game, and I invite you to join them and share your feelings. If at any time in your recent past you have Dugg something, note that there is also a button that would facilitate your Digging on the top right corner of this page. And I suppose that if you’ve ever Tweeted something, now would also be an appropriate time for such things.


I miss the old pieces of--for lack of a better word, philosophical prose you used to type up. Can we get some more of that please?

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I played the demo this night and it's reayl one of the gratest games i've ever played. BUT, there are a lot of bugs:
- Doesn't use the power bar of the tanks
- To passive, doesn't expand
- Got stuck the first time while making it's turn
- When the enemy has turn, i can see the healthbars of his units, even if the units are not visible to me
- While playing the game, i had about 10-5fps, at start about 60
- Damage from infantary is not shown

Other issues:
- Please change the button for rotating and moving the camera, because when i select a unit, the camera rotates a bit...
- Add a little more spread to the atilery tanks

Other Ideas:
- May add upgrades to Cpu or something. For example you could overclock the cpu, but need then a watercooling, else the cpu would take damage

Everyting else is realy great, and for one man absolutly epic.


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Vino Author

Thanks guys!

Alidha, I'll be getting back to those in a bit. I already have some ideas for new topics. One thing at a time!

Game Pope, wow you have a pretty good head for game design, you make a lot of good points. Thanks! The next feature is actually going to be an upgrades grid, so that you can download upgrades for your units and structures kinda like researching in Civ, and install them to make them more powerful.

Also, technically it's two guys, I have someone helping me with the graphics. Give him props too!

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