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I finished and released Yavin IV: Alliance Stronghold several weeks ago, and I can announce that the next map will be Atollon: Chopper Base from Star War Rebels

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Yavin IV: Alliance Stronghold has been released, as of a few weeks ago, and more newsworthy I can announce that my next map will be Atollon: Chopper Base from SW Rebels

The Yavin map includes custom units and vehicles, and can be found here, with screenies below.

Yavin IV: Alliance Stronghold

y1 1

y1 3

I have also begun work on Atollon. It requires a lot of modelling, as there are no preexisting assets available to my knowledge. If anyone knows otherwise, please lmk, as while I am competent at modelling, I am far from skilled at it.

atollan 1

Atm, my plan is to have the Empire attack with 3 walkers head on to the rebel base on the large structure, as in Zero Hour from SW Rebels, and have a 4th walker attack along the circumference of the structure from behind. Plans sometimes change though. Will definitely include my Rebels sides and such.

Given the need to create assets from scratch and the fact that the new school year is starting soon (i am a teacher), I can make no estimate for release date, but work on it has begun!

I am always open to feedback/suggestions/ideas, so feel free to comment! Especially if anyone can track down existing Atollon structures better than what I can manage to make myself, it would be appreciated

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