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X-Tended - Terran Conflict V1.1 has now been released. It contain many bug fixes and file changes.

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Fixes and changes in V1.1.

  • TShip entries for Skiron and Scimitar Variants fixed.
  • Removed "connected sector" debug message.
  • "Imperial police police" fix.
  • Emergency Jump fixed thanks to Trickmov.
  • Adjusted crush ore command to count installed weapons too.
  • WareTemplate entry for Paranid SPP XXL fixed.
  • Fixed bad cargo bay extensions on cloned ships. (Ghost wares.)
  • Fixed claimable / comm-able lifepods.
  • Attackers will break off attack sooner. (Based on the pilot's aggression.)
  • Adjusted khaak config to new shields (we forgot to do that for 1.0) and increased timer reliability.
  • Leftover, docked ships from bailed MD pirate carriers are now decloacked automatically.
  • Blocked TP Liner Civilian ships from landing on player owned stations.
  • HUD tweaked to make graphical hull and shield indicators more visible.
  • Engine smoke trails tweaked to look better.
  • Removed the need for advanced satellites in cargo hold from recon drone command.
  • Fixed "missile only" command not displaying on player turrets when set. (It worked before, just didn't display the command had been set.)
  • Disabled unused ECM animation. (Until we make a proper effect for it.)
  • Added command check for transport boarding using "launch all marines".
  • Otana Prime and Otana III sector names (inc Spoken) swapped and descriptions edited. Now Otana Prime is 11/6 and Otana III is 10/5, so it makes more sense with the univ. expansion stages. (Will only show up on a new game. Won't cause errors on a save game though.)
  • Removed credits from buildable wares list.
  • Ware consumption on trading stations and equipment docks added with vanilla values.
  • Exchanged the repair ships installed jumpdrive check.
  • Mining Laser corrected.
  • Swordfish hull adjusted. (Will only be the new value with newly spawned ships.)
  • Merged in camera fixes from draffutt. (Thanks.)
  • Swapped pirate and non-pirate Kestrel versions (the used models were mixed up).
  • Swapped "Terran Supply Kobe" to "Goner Supply Ozias" so you can hire a TL in terran space now.
  • Swapped all Complex Construction Kits back to the original Argon entry.
  • Lowered chances for MD / ID usage on npc ships.
  • Fixed "config production" search function. (Player owned configurable missile fabs etc should now work correctly.)
  • Added ware consumption to player trading stations in race territory.
  • Decades changed to decazuras in gns articles.
  • Fixed ice resource on player (newly) built water purification plants.
  • Yaki M7 model shaders updated to X3TC shaders. (Should fix the issue some people have had with half of the ship visually missing.)
  • Added EQD script hooks to Pirate Bases so buying Cargobay Shielding etc. works on these.
  • Various Typos and text errors corrected.
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