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xplor 0.3 is out! With this version comes dungeons, crafting, new blocks, more variety in terrain, and other cool stuff.

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xplor 0.3 is out! This version adds randomly-generated dungeons into the game, which can be found underground.

A DungeonThese dungeons come with loot crates, and when they are destroyed, they drop random loot.

Next addition: crafting!

Crafting some wooden planksCrafting allows you to make new items out of old ones. In the picture above, I am making wooden planks out of wood.

Other features:

  • You can see debug info with F1
  • You can hide GUIs with F2
  • You can take screenshots with F3
  • Added sand and stone to the surface of the world
  • Player collision was made less buggy
  • Huge performance fixes

You can download 0.3 in the downloads section.

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