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Explore the Portuguese countryside as you participate in a traditional cork mask carnival!

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Hello everyone and welcome to Xisto!

Xisto is a third-person, single-player, casual adventure game, where the player explores the traditional Corrida do Entrudo, in the Schist Villages of Portugal. They will participate in mischievous festive activities, interact with the carnival participants, collect cosmetics to decorate their cork mask, and help keep the party going!

Reference Images

These are our references photos that we took ourselves while exploring the villages!

20211126 141842

20211126 160328

20211126 155838

20211126 141735


As we're working towards a vertical slice to be released this summer, we've already prototyped some of the core game mechanics that we can show.

Mask Customization

NPC Interaction & Dialogue

Tools (Nutgalls, Slingshot, Instruments)

And more!

Other core systems such as quests have already been created and are now being refined. Future objectives are focused on making masks more meaningful to gameplay, by making NPCs react to our creations, quest specific masks, etc.


That's all for this week. We´re planning on reporting Xisto updates as often as possible, thank you for reading, and stay tuned for more updates!

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