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This module is for some SCP: CB players in Chinese Mainland. For example, we deleted some bloody stories, replaced some scary sound effects with normal sound effects, improved the overall brightness of the game, made the screen less dark, replaced blood with green, and all words of SCP were replaced by "foundation". In this way, the short video reviewers will not know what game we are playing, and they will pass and will not be banned again!

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At the beginning of 2021, the bizarre talk project "SCP Foundation" will be completely blocked in Chinese Mainland. That is to say, if you use social software and short video software in China, you will find that you can't find any SCP videos, because most of the people who come into contact with the SCP Foundation's bizarre talk programs are minors, and many of them are bloody and violent, making it difficult for minors to see. For the sake of children's physical and mental health, parents have reported SCP Foundation and other related content. After the success of the report, the country had to remove all videos and other relevant SCP content from the shelves. In August 2020, SCP Foundation and other content were again judged as "children's evil code" by Chinese Mainland. If you find any errors in the game, please do not hide them and report to us immediately. Please add QQ group: 348784264

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