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X-Tended - Terran Conflict V1.2 has now been released. It contains many bug fixes and file changes.

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  • Fixed missing claim option for bailed ships. (While in a spacesuit.)
  • Blocked ware consumption task from consuming upgrades.
  • Restored ware stock on upgrades. (Related to above.)
  • Adjusted factory rel vals.
  • Merged in more camera position fixes from Draffutt. (Thanks.)
  • Added a fix for Statistics Centre.
  • Added automated drone repairs on player owned drone carriers. Drones will now be repaired when they are docked.
  • Added dummy entries into Tfactories for Gaz's Complex Cleaner.
  • Fixed ECM. (Some parameters were wrong because we shifted the shield indexes by one prior to release. Example: Capital ship ECM was way too weak)[/I]
  • Added Player Owned Shipyard fixes.
  • Blocked equipment docks from spewing tunings when they are repackaged.
  • Added new effects to stop Kyon beams from lagging the hell out of your system.
  • Changed all Kyon variations to safe values in order to solve the reported lags on several customer systems. Kyons are a even deadlier than before, especially the bigger ones.
  • Changed the IBC to match the expectations on the weapon.
  • Changed the IBC to give it more OOOOMPH. It's now close to the beta Kyons.
  • Added fix for the bailing crash.
  • Akurei fix fixed.
  • Fix to remove leftover 'buy ship' mission ships.
  • Bombers have their range reduced, some Bomber missiles are toned down a bit.
  • Bombers have also had changes to yaw pitch roll and speed/acceleration, which are too complex to write a short explanation here. ;)
  • When changing products on a factory, playership is now properly undocked automatically.
  • Laser rel. values adjusted. (Fixes stalled production for some weapons.)
  • Switched Complex Construction Kits back to Argon default ones. (At least the Terran ones were broken.)
  • Fixed some ghost tasks slowing down the game over time
  • Emergency jump code added.
  • Added the R6 console (Repair, re-arm, etc, etc.) for player ships and activated automated hull repairs, docked fighter repairs, docked fighter re-ammunition, recall damaged fighters and automated retreat.
  • Hull regen values adjusted.
  • Fixed some vanilla signal_attacked bugs which blocked subsequent calls.
  • Added new Salvage Insurance AL (disallows saving in hostile sectors but makes sure you can always save in friendly ones - if you can afford it).
  • Lasertowers are now properly shielded again.
  • The repair laser is now added to the spacesuit on easy difficulty. (In-game difficulty menu.)
  • Weapon/shield production complexes limited to one product to make them "complex safe", also you are automatically asked to configure them on placement now (can still reconfigure them as needed).
  • Lifeform loot now decays.
  • Yaki shipyard changed to fix docking problems.
  • Fixed a performance leak in the GNS which was responsible for game stutters / freezes if the GNS was not used for a while
  • USC TS+ turrets fixed.
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