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Roughly 10 levels I've been working on since the start of 2022. Everything is stock Doom 2 assets with some Doom 1 textures imported. Designed to be challenging but beatable without too much a struggle. Feedback is welcome! This is still pretty early stages. Thanks, enjoy!

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My first maps, but I've made levels for Descent and others. Everything here is basically done. Will still be adding more details and difficulty tweaking, etc. Map04 is the very first, but I did go back and improve a lot of stuff. You can guess the order by quality lol.

Everything is Doom stock assets for now. Pretty monster dense, but should be well balanced. I don't expect most players to die more than once or twice getting through a map. Secrets are straight forward and shouldn't be too difficult.

Will need to run through GzDoom with no modifications. Jumping and crouching are not intended but I haven't made a proper dehack yet. I play with mouselook (which is probs controversial) but playing without shouldn't cause any issues. There is a single secret that might cause problems.

What I'm going to add in the future:

-more levels, it would be cool to finish a full 32 maps, assuming I don't start running out of ideas. If they start getting generic and uninspired I'll keep it shorter.

-more brief early game maps and more late game hell maps especially

-difficulty scaling, everything right now is ultra-violence only, but I do plan to lighten things up for easy and medium

-Co-op, I doubt I'll modify encounters, but I'll add player spots

I had to learn how to import textures into a WAD to use the Doom 1 textures included, so I may do more custom texture stuff in the future. I might also just wait for future WADs to start including that stuff.

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