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I have everything planned at this point, and I have been modeling, texturing and adding units. 10 New Units are completed and in-game.

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New Units - Aircraft
*P-40 Warhawk - T1 Fighter - USA
*B-17 Flying Fortress - T1 Heavy Bomber - USA
*P-47 Thunderbolt - T2 Fighter-Bomber - USA
*P-51 Mustang - T3 Fighter - USA
*B-29 Stratofortress - T3 Heavy Bomber - USA
*B-29 Silverplate - Experimental Nuclear Bomber - USA
*F4F Wildcat - T2 Carrier Fighter - USA
*SBD Dauntless - T2 Carrier Dive-Bomber - USA

New Units - Land & Naval
*Panzer VI Tiger - T2 Heavy Tank - Germany
*Yorktown Class - T2 Aircraft Carrier - USA
*Yamato Class - T3 Super Battleship - Japan

All of the units are fully textured with the exception of the Yamato. I also have not made any normal maps for the units as it is not something I am very good at. I will eventually add them, or even better yet, hopefully someone can help me with them.

I will continue to update my progress here, but please let me know what you think of the units.


I think you should make the Yamato a T4 unit if you plan on having experimental units included in the mod. I also have a few ideas for possible T4 units for each faction:
Germany T4:
1. Messerschmitt 262 experimental jet fighter
2. Arado 234 experimental jet bomber
3. Schwerer Gustav railway artillery piece (perhaps you could remove the 'rail' part and include tanks treads to move it around instead or leave it stationary)
4. Landkreuzer P 1500 or 1000, I know it was never actually made but that's the point of experimental units their an "experiment".
1. B-29 Superfortress, can deploy atomic bomb and flies higher than any other aircraft, largest Aircraft during WW2. Atomic bombs shouldn't be too incredibly hard to build since they are really only a fraction of the power of hydrogen bombs and just a little stronger then some tactical nukes.
2. Montana class battleship
1. Yamato Super Battleship
2. Experimental 41 cm Howitzer defense platform.
3. Yokosuka MXY7 Ohka jet powered kamakazi attack plane.

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