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Enemies have you surrounded? Kick out the 360 degree Repulsor to push them away and give yourself some breathing space.

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Aside from the conventional weapons available to your craft (at least, as conventional weapons can be when they’re designed to fight an unknown menace in space), special systems will be installed to your ships one by one as the scientists and engineers back home invent and build them.

The Repulsors are the second such system to be installed in the Story Mode, after Shields. Repulsors can be deployed by pressing the Y button (top face button). A large circle will expand in all directions out of your ship.



The Repulsor is great for clearing out small rocks. Otherwise, it delivers very little damage, but it does, like its name implies, push everything away. Enemy fighters will spin around uncontrollably when hit with it, disorienting them for a second. Even Destroyers and other large enemy craft are pushed away.

A glow appears on the front of the ship when the Repulsor is ready to use. It will charge back up on its own, so don’t be afraid to use it when being swarmed.

The Repulsor offers a respite from almost any crowd of bogeys; using it at the right time can make all the difference.

Abilities help you against enemy pressure when your weapons aren't enough. Check out other abilities on our official site!

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