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For this week we have some more work done in the art department and we will also show the first part of the narrative that focuses on world-building.

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To start off with the light content we have a general environment piece

Where we can see a forest path leading to the mountain


Next, we have a close up of what the part could look like

forest path

The cave on the mountainside

cave entrance

Next the enemy a human-shaped demon with sharp claws

Demon sketch

And the last one for this week some potential weapons for the player


And now for those that enjoy in-game lore a generous amount of text showing the world of our game and in the next week, we will go into current events.

A long time ago there was a war between good and evil a war so devastating it almost killed all the races on the planet, the world was a single continent and was divided into north and south.

In the north, you had the races that fell under God’s influence and in the south those that feared the punishments of the Devil, both sides were getting tired of all the small fights they wanted to make a move that would end the other side once and for all and take control of the rest of the mortal races.

But as faith would have it both sides came up with a similar plan both God and the Devil made seven weapons that would match the traits of each of the races that obeyed them and to make them more powerful, they killed their own strongest warriors and imprisoned their souls inside each weapon.

This was a needed sacrifice as even weapons forged by beings as powerful as they were would not be enough to kill each other’s counterparts but having them fused with the souls of angels and demons that would be a different story.

After the weapons were ready, they summoned the strongest of each race that fell under their domain and gave each of them a weapon. The mission was simple to cross the borders and reach the temple where God and the Devil lived and use the weapons to put an end to this war once and for all. But the weapons had too much power the enemies would sense such power getting closer and so the weapons had to be sealed inside the mortals. To bring the weapon out all they had to do was call the name of the soul and do it again to seal it away. The mark of those that had a weapon could be seen in their arms as they would have the name of the soul burned into their flesh in a circular shape.

And so, the seven chosen from each side accepted the burden of these weapons and started the journey to the other side. But both the angels and the demons resented the choice that was forced onto them as none of them ever expected to die in this war and on top of that to be killed by the one that they served and worshipped twisted their sense of loyalty.

During the journey, the souls could sense others like them and so they guided the mortals to a point where neither God nor the Devil could see or listen to them. And when both parties met, they were in shock as the other side had done the exact same in order to win the war.

Both angels and demons didn’t trust their makers to rule over all the mortal races considering what they had just done to them and so they plotted with the mortals, that both God and the Devil should be killed so that they could be free from the influence and fear that came from them. A path that would let them decide what they truly want for the future.

The mortals hesitated they feared this was a test and didn’t dare to imagine the consequences of failing it, but the glimpse of a future where no other living being would have to be like them was too much of a temptation and so they rolled the dice and decided to trust on the demons and angels and on the other mortals that they have been at war with for so long.

But another condition was placed on the weapons they had to protect the mortals from the other demons and angels once the deed was done as surely, they would not take the killing of their maker lightly. None of them hesitated they all agreed that if both of them died the fallowers would have no clue what to do next as there was nobody that could lead them left alive.

And so, it happened the demon weapons killed God and the angel weapons killed the Devil. The moment they passed all the other angels and demons fled from their respective domains with no trace of where they went to.

The party with the mortals reunited again now only seven in total. Three were killed fighting the Devil and four against God but the survivors brought back the weapons and entrusted them to the counterpart that was still alive.

In the end, the angels had Human, Elf, Lizardman, and Goblin still standing. As for the demons, only the Dwarf, Dragonoid, and the Elf came back. Unfortunately, the orcs on both sides had been killed. With this, each race now had one of each weapon leaving the two weapons given to the orcs with no owners.

After a long discussion, they decided a temple should be built in the center of the continent to honor the seven that gave their lives for the rest of the mortals. And that each of the weapon users would decide on someone to protect the weapons and keep the story alive for as long as their own race would last and that the last survivor would take the weapons to the temple and seal them away for the rest of time. As no race should have two of any of the weapons. It was also decided that the south elf would be trusted with both of the orc’s weapons and take them to them and find those that would help them protect this new peace they managed to obtain.

And as a last effort to assure there would be peace both the north and south populations of each race should become one and claim land. They would leave a fair amount of land with nothing around the temple to avoid someone going there looking for the weapons in case any race decided they would rather seal the weapons than carry that burden. But after that was done the land could be divided amongst the seven races to try and match the needs of each as much as they could.

The Humans were given the plains to the west, the Dwarfs asked for the mountains as they could make villages inside, Elf’s claimed the great forest that went from the north to the south on the west side near a small mountain range that would be the division between them and human lands, Lizardmen went far east to the swamplands, while the Goblins claimed the small forests in the north for them, the Dragonoid’s went south as they wanted distance from the other races and so claiming all that was covered by sand in the vast desert and to the Orcs they gave the vast plains on the southwest.

Like this, no race would have more than two neighbors and hopefully, that would keep interactions between them as peaceful as possible. And if the need for more land would arise, they would slowly expand in the direction of the temple instead of other races' land.

These were the rules set by the seven survivors after they managed to kill God and the Devil.

But nothing ever goes as planned shortly after there was an incident in the elf territory between north and south and this created a vacuum of distrust amongst all the other races if they would do that to others like them what would they do to those that are completely different.

And so, the races lost touch, and time passed by. The story of the Seven did not survive the trials of time and after a few millennia had passed different races saw the weapons in different ways as with time each race had their very unique culture and traditions.

But a plot by the surviving demons and angels had been placed in motion the bodies of the creators did not root away they stayed just like the day they were killed, and they knew the Seven add buried those bodies under the temple in the glory of the fallen, and so they planned on gathering the weapons that killed their creators and using the souls inside them to try and bring them back to life as maybe the powers of the seven strongest angels and demons could do that miracle.

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