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Talking bout modeling, and the game itself so read it cus I made this for you

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We reached over 100 visits, so I might as well talk about the game.

I've still been working on the game, so you don't need to think I stopped. I worked all day yesterday on fixing a bug with a model I made for it. I probably shouldn't have started modeling anything before I finished all the maps. but I've still been working on the 2nd map. Stupid thing is, I don't know at all how to make puzzles. but the reason I'm making this is to try to get good at making them.

Also, The source engine discord has been helping me so much during this just wanted to give a thank you right here

thoinks so much for helping my stupid, source discord :D

Now making the maps for the game isn't hard, its just time consuming, VERY time-consuming. I hope that in the end, the maps will look good enough for yall.

and thats all the news i got i guess.

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