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another update about the game have fun reading :)

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Hey there , we got a new member of HoH DEV he's called RaideX and will be a scripter
so far the story is not going well ,maybe the mod change direction of it's way , something is missing so far but can't find that right now , i'v changed some mapping decisions i made before , i got some new id├ęs and some may not be in at all :-)

and i will gladly tell you i got some in-game pics uploaded maybe some of you didn't see it , wont probably come new pics in like a month or so, i keep to try surprised and not get spoiled , but as i said the story isn't going any good right now , i wanna make maps that makes sense to the story and it's not atm , but it will get changed alot the mod is currently is "Alpha" mode so it's long way to go :)

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