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Battle for Stalingrad is a large project to re-create the entire city of stalingrad in battlefield 1942, using real maps as a template, I created a map in, and then improved upon it, the only differences between my map, and the original are the railroads, airfields, and the south-east edge of the Volga river(Because it was covered by a box, I had to guess the shape).

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Original map:
Original maps

My map:
Advanced Map V1

As you can see mine is very similar , and has very few differences, now, about what everything means,
(Note: Nothing on this map is Final, and is subject to change) the red, and black lines, are the Russian, and German front lines Respectively,
the Blue lines, are airstrips,the smaller red and black X's are cap points, and the larger ones are unconquerable spawn-points,
the VD icon stands for Vehicle Depot, and will be used as vehicle spawn points, currently, the only vehicles that will spawn east of the Volga will be artillery,
the Airstrips are not there historically, but I added them to increase game-play diversity, and because there were planes involved in the battle from other airfields, and this was the only way to get planes without expanding the map to include several towns, villages, and maybe even another city, and i'm not ready for that yet.

Please leave your thoughts on what kinds of planes, and other vehicles I should add.

at first I will make the entire map using in-game assets, then I will flesh it out with custom assets, feel free to post any thoughts below, and thank you for participation!

за Сталинград! (No, I don't actually speak Russian.)

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