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This is what im doing to start back into a rythm.....

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Hey all
Its been a few weeks now, and im rested up.
I have been playing Galaxy At War ( ). It was what i needed to get back into the mood to work on this mod.
Im starting with Babylon 5. Then wing commander and finnally what you'va all been waiting for Halo...

As you can see in the gallery section ive added the three lists for there ships.
Im also planning on showing the Wing Commander list and Halo lists soon. So, for that reason i need some WC and Halo experts.

This is the B5 list
Light fighter - Sentri Interceptor
Light Fighter Carrier - Drakh Raider
Heavy Fighter - Minbari Fighter
Heavy fighter Supergate - Starfury
Light Bomber - Minbari Bomber
Heavy bomber - Sentri Bomber
Tier 1 - Hyperion
Tier 2 - Fire bird ( Drazi )
Tier 3 - Nova class
Tier 4 - Avioki Class Cruiser
Tier 4 - Supergate - Omega Class
Tier 5 - Minbari Frigate
Tier 6 - Centouri Vorchan Attack Cruiser
Tier 7 - Warlock
Tier 8 - Vorlon capital ship
Tier 8 - Supergate - Omega X
Tier 9 - Minbari War Cruiser
Tier 10 - Drakh Carrier
Tier 11 - Shadow Battle crab
Tier 12 - Third space
Hero 1 - Falcon Type - Lenier on a white star
Hero 2 - Fighter Squad - delta squad (elite squad of starfuries)
Hero 3 - Corvette
Hero 4 - G'Kar on a G'Quan
Hero 5 - The Agamemnon
Hero 6 - Ivanova - On a Warlock
Hero 7 - Flagship Excalibour

Im going to start adding the B5 units assuming everyone likes the list and order of units.
Hopefully it wont take me long to add them. once theyre in i can scale them and balance them properly.

Heres thw Wing Commander List Addition.
Light Fighter - Piranha
Carriers Light Fighter - Arrow
Heavy Fighter - Bearcat
Supergate Heavy Fighter - Ratooth
Light Bomber - Excalibur
Heavy Bomber - Black Widow
Tier 1 - Confederation Murphy
Tier 2 - Ralarrad
Tier 3 - Nimitz - Pelican
Tier 4 - Waterloo
Tier 4 Supergate - Concom
Tier 5 - Fralthi Cruiser
Tier 6 - Zhu Feng
Tier 7 - Hades
Tier 8 - Plunkett
Tier 8 Supergate - Shaalkhar
Tier 9 - Confederation
Tier 10 - Vesuvius
Tier 11 - Enterprise
Tier 12 - Kilrathi Dreadnought2
Tier 1 - Russo
Tier 2 - Star Squadron
Tier 3 - Bengal
Tier 4 - Julgal Nar (prince)
Tier 5 - T.C.S Plunkett
Tier 6 - Thrak Hath (commander)
Tier 7 - Midway Hero dude

finally the Halo list
Light Fighter - Serpah
Heavy Fighter - Longsword
Light Bomber - Longsword
Heavy Bomber - Serpah
tier 1 - Andraste
tier 2 - Frigate
tier 3 - Destiny
tier 4 - Aspire
Tier 4 Supergate - Flood controlled human ship
tier 5 - Covey Assault_Frigate
tier 6 - Matathon
tier 7 - Python
tier 8 - Battle_Frigate - CCS-class Battlecruiser
tier 8 supergate - flood controlled medium covey ship
tier 9 - Pheonix
tier 10 - Covenant Carrier (refit of CCs Class)
tier 11 - Covenant Assault Carrier (largest covey ship)
tier 12 - Forerunner Dreadnought Heroes are still to be decided. So throw ideas out there.
Im thinking...
T1 - Noble Team Spartan in a Longsword
T2 - Arbiter Elite in fighter group
T3 - UNSC Forward Unto Dawn
T4 - Small covey ship
T5 - other human ship, possibly controlled by master chief
T6 - UNSC Pillar of Autumn
T7 - Largest Covey Ship controlled by a profet

Its funny, when all these faction are in, ill have between 20 and 30 ships per faction, with 8 factions totally around 200 different ships in the mod lol.


I could help with halo, i could help before halo combat evolve and before halo 3 (ODST) and halo 3

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Spinobreaker Author

well im looking for someone who knows the halo ships really well

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Any plans for John Sheridan?

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any plans for the white star fleet?

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I do not want to nag but in babylon 5 a Vorlon capital ship can destroy a shadow battle crab in a single shot.

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