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While Long (yes, that's what I called him, the name has already stuck) is epic posing, I'll tell you what's new.

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▌Firstly, I started working on the enemy from scratch, created a tree of behavior for him, which is still hemorrhoids. This is a separate system of behavior, with its own hierarchy and variables. Fortunately, now Long patrols, hears noises and goes to them, while chasing, he tries to find the best route.
▌Added an animation of the hand to open the door, just pushes, the system as in Outlast did not begin to be implemented.
The main character no longer lifts the lamp up when approaching the wall, but presses it to himself.
▌ A new final chapter, where the plot of the game will be revealed more and there will be more gameplay, in connection with this, there will be no release in August, as I planned before, and I wouldn’t even have time without it.

the villain

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