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We are actively fixing bugs and adding new features. The next release will also have some major eye candy: a new desert tileset for Red Alert. Also the allies campaign continues with another co-op mission which features an evacuation scenario. After 5 official tournaments, the demand for an e-Sport grade spectator user interface will be met soon. Dune 2000 gets some edges rounded with improved graphical effects. Also people are working on GUI translation and better AI.

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The desert tileset is ripped from Tiberian Dawn. Missing tiles have been hand-drawn by Harisson who already did the temperat terrain expansion.

Desert in Red Alert

Allies 03

Spectator Improvements



Good stuff. Desert for RA1 is...different.

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I hope the units would stop aggressively persuing the enemy all the time, massing MLRs on the TD side of this can be costly if an enemy harvesters decides to take a shortcut through your base, will there be stance options? Stand ground (stance) would be very useful indeed. :D

'Attack Move' would also be an effective addition, I'm assuming these are already in the thought processes though.

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Milanium Author

Unit stances are already available though the are not exposed to the UI and only the minority who reads manuals gets it. This will be fixed with user-definable hotkeys soon

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