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Bardo and Wlesmana have been working hard to get the next version of the mod up.

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New Enviroments New Enviroments
New Enviroments
New Campaign Map Textures


- New environments by Bardo
- New campaign map texture by Bardo
- Graphical bug fixes such as Rohan throwing spear and Rohirrim Warrior sword bug by wlesmana
- Elven sword and Rohan spear graphic improvements
- New and altered units:

--- Eored Scouts are now using bow and lance and they're decent at melee though small in number.
--- Rohirrim Horsemen are now skirmish cavalry with javelin so they are no longer weak cavalry with no other purpose.

--- Noldor Swordsmen: light armored swordsmen for the Noldor to give them more option in offense than just the defensive spearmen.
--- Noldor Cavalry: light armored cavalry to give them more option in offense.

--- Dwarven Goblin Hunters: bow armed dwarves.
--- Dwarven Juggernauts: heavy armored "berserker" dwarves. They look like little tanks carrying giant hammers.

--- Greenwood Sentinels: may replace the Emerald Guards as general bodyguards for Silvan faction.
--- Galadhrim Elite Swordsmen: may not be recruitable but used as general bodyguards for some generals. They're pretty much Galadhrim Sentinel without the bow.

New Enviroments
New Enviroments New Enviroments
New Enviroments New Enviroments
New Enviroments New Enviroments


This looks great :D makes me wanna by total war haha.

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This will make me search for my copy of RTW all over again. Looking really good!

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