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To play as a tribe warrior and a mysterious weirdo, adventuring in the world of gremlins.

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Operation System

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  • The player controls a warrior who is good at using machete, spear, bow and arquebus. As you advance more in the game, you will be able to control a guy with special combat skills.
  • The warrior can captivate the enemy and use weapons dropped by others.


  • The weird guy attack with dancing steps and a unique strike, squeeze.


  • The character is controlled from the third-person viewpoint, and the camera can rotate freely within the range where the character can reach.
  • The game supports controller. With XBOX 360 controller, the game is playable directly. For other controllers, please set it up in the input window when you first start playing the game.

XBox C


Game Mode

  • This game is divided into 9 chapters and it takes about 2 hours to complete them all.
  • In different chapter, the player could fight on his own, work with some teammates, or lead a troop and give orders.

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Background settings

  • You will fight with boar-like creatures, warriors from other tribes, Japanese soldiers in the modern and warring states periods, arena fight warriors from ancient Rome, Chinese soldiers from the Ching Dynasty… etc.
  • The game designer did refer to objects in history for the costumes and buildings, but the story plot is a work of fiction. Please take it lightly and have fun.

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About game designing

  • I use Unity for making this game, and thanks to Robin Chun Yu Lin, Chin Yen Huang for assistance.

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