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10 Rings of powers will be present in our game for extra spells and combos!

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The 10 Rings of Powers

10 special powers, 30 and more spells, half hundred enemies and spirits… Wizards of Unica will be all this, and more. We will have achievements which effect the game, hidden dungeon and treasures.

We want Wizards of Unica to be extra-light about equipment and items, but playing with our alpha (grab it HERE if you don’t tested it yet!) made clear that items dropping due the killing of an opponent is needed to keep up the player’s attention. But forget about thousands coins and useless potions. Think about the only equipment that would be really worthy in a game like Skyrim. 10? Maybe 20 items? Something like that. The other things are just annoying white noise, a pain in the neck to be arranged into your bag and your head.

At the moment I’m working on rings, one for each Spirit’s power (10). A ring will grant you its proper spirit’ s power up to 3 times, than will be destructed. This mechanic will allow you to use a power that you don’t get yet or extra use of a power you have but is cooling down. And of course, because every Spirit’s power can be mixed with others to gain spell’s combo, the ring will give you three chances to test new effects.


Rings’ concepting

This game mechanic could influence your choice while selecting the next stage to get the whole power from the Spirit than you just tested with the ring. Yeah, a ring is like a demo version of a Spirit’s power.

Once you will find a ring, the icon will be shown aside your avatar, and clicking on that you will get an active icon to cast its power around or mix it with the other spirits which are following you due previous Pacts.


Spirit’s Icon and related rings: bling bling FTW!

Let me remember you that our alpha 0.1 is there to be tested and we will very glad if you help us with feedback! And if you like what we’re doing offer us a coffee making a donation, to give us the boost!

Hugs to everybody

Daniele Lynx Lasalandra – Art Director

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