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Oof. Whoever thought having such a massive upgrade in the engine would lead to so many problems?

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So Zandronum 2.0 came out, right? Lots of new netplay code! Tons of new ZDoom features! Updated codebank! And I thought updating DemonSteele to it would be easy, just adjust for the inclusion of cvarinfo and bam everything's good.
NOPE turns out there was a whole ton of shit to re-do under the hood in order to make sure everything stayed streamlined and didn't break in the face of the new ZDoom features. What do you mean doing A_TakeInventory at a certain point in the Iron Maiden transformation would break things?!

Thankfully, (mostly) everything's good now! There's a few questionable areas that need adjustment, but all of the major massive issues and crashes and errors have been fixed. 0.8 has been turned into the 0.82, which has only a slew of netplay-related changes and fixes and etc.
I guess this is what they call a "maintenance build", eh? It's almost like I'm a real coder now! (hint: I'm not)

Now, if you're not into netplay, then most of these features are probably going to be completely irrelevant to you. And that's fine! It's only been, like, a week since 0.8's release and asking to re-download 50 megs for a source port you don't play is kind of dumb.
But if you DO play on Zandronum AND play on netplay, then you're definitely going to want to upgrade to this build.

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