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Update regarding Skill Upgrades, our second stage in the game; and last but not least, we are headed to Early Access very soon!

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Hello! How's everyone doing? Our apologies for being away for some time; as there was lots of Wishmere related dev work, admin and mountain climbing (literally). There have been tons of progress on the game, so let's begin.

After working on a Skill Upgrade matrix, so we can determine the potential builds characters can go into, we've implemented a Skill Upgrade system. By defeating bosses and exploring the stage, players collect Supercharged Hope Crystals (SHC for short). Players can upgrade their character's Skills into different builds. Some upgrades are more costly than others, but this is to achieve a nice balance between the characters and also keep things interesting for player's spending habits. Skill Upgrades can affect anything from walking speeds, character specific Abilities or even alter how an Ability works. We're hoping this will lead players to exploring the potential for each character and find the best builds.

Earle's upgraded Super Art 2 shoots two projectiles instead of 1

We've also worked hard on the second stage, the Space Station. This stage is quite different from a traditional beat 'em up, in that the main enemies and obstacles are projectile related, so it involves a lot of dodging and planning instead of running headlong into the fray. We're happy to say that we're planning to have our stages all have their own 'personality and design', both on an aesthetic level and from a gameplay level.

A need to navigate: a pure bullet storm!

And lastly, we're very close to releasing the Ongoing Beta version of Wishmere. Our Ongoing Beta is a combination of how Early Access functions, in that we'll be developing over time, and also draws inspiration from how fighting games balance their games (in their tests, they're called location tests / loketests), in that we plan to get player feedback as often as possible and try to shake things up with forms of A / B testing for some of the game's features. For those who would like to just try out the game first, we'll be releasing a free Alpha version of Wishmere too, where players can play through the Prologue stage, though without any Skill upgrades.

In our next post, we'd like to go through our earlier idea of a post that details the different terms and systems in Wishmere. Thanks for reading!

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