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Wecome to Wireline. This game is a Tactical Action Shooter Horde Suvival game which is in early access for now with slowmotion and cloack of invisibility with lots of guns and customization.

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Target of this game is to train your GunFu skills with fast paced combat.

You can download the prototype demo to test it out with only 2 weapons. This demo is not representing the final product.

In the full version all weapons are choosable in a small open world stage. Later on we will put more weapons and create a a big map with forest, urban, city and industrial enviroments. We also will work on better AI and graphics.

|W,A,S,D = Movement |
| Left mouse click - Fire |
| Right mouse click (Hold) = Aim |
| R = Reload |
| Q = Slowmotion |
| E = Stealth |
| Alt = Slide |
| 1 and 2 = Switch Weapon |
| Quite game Left Alt + F4 |

#shooter #simulator #arcade #action #survival #slowmo #stealth #cloak

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