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More pirate weapons? Sure, and also - more different pirates for you! Check out one of the most pirate news updates for Starfall Online you could ever see.

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More pirate weapons? Sure, and also - more different pirates for you! Check out one of the most pirate news updates for Starfall Online you could ever see:

Pirates & Bands

Pirate fleets are the main threat you will fight against in Starfall Online, so we always pay great attention to updating and improving it. And today we have a short list of four latest changes to pirates:


  • The maximum pirate level is now 100 - we've adjusted them to player levels, so there are more different fleets. This way, you can choose to take a risk and destroy a pirate of a higher level for more experience and loot or find one with the same level as yours.
  • You can now find special names above pirate fleets - names of pirate fleet types. Previously, all of them were called with the name of the faction (except for elite ones), although there were several types of fleets.
  • Also, there are a lot of different pirate fleets in general - we are now busy creating new pirate fleets you will fight against.
  • One band doesn't mean one pirate base anymore. There can be a band which has several bases and controls about 20 systems in total - that's a basis for some other features which you will see in the game later;)

Also, you can now meet some quests which require you to eliminate concrete pirate fleets or fleets which belong to one pirate band. That's definitely not the last update for pirates and we will keep our eyes on this aspect of the game as it lets you have a lot of great battles!

P.Y.R.A.M.I.D. Weapons

We've already shown you Screechers and Nebulords weapons, so it's time to see some high-tech guns of the third faction, mysterious scientists called P.Y.R.A.M.I.D.:

prototype pc 372

Prototype PC-372 is another plasma ballistic weapon. It's really huge as it takes 2х3 space in a weapon bay, but at the same time, it lets you shot being 18 000 m away from the enemy. Unlike some other long-range cannons, it has a good dps - Prototype PC-372 shoots every 4 seconds. Of course, it is a tech level 3 weapon.


SuperNova is a new P.Y.R.A.M.I.D. rocket launcher. This tech level 4 weapon can be found only late in the game, so it's really powerful - 18 000 m range, high burst every 14 seconds and a lot of photon AOE damage. What else? Well, it has 3x3 size and will definitely counter any tight formations.

Nebulords Weapons

And here is the last portion of Nebulords weapons (at least for now) - these ones will be available later in the game, in Delta and Epsilon systems:

vendetta blueprint

Vendetta is a close-range beam weapon. Its maximum distance is only 3 000m - however, it has a very high burst damage for a weapon which takes 3x2 space in a ship. Tech level 3, 25 seconds for a cooldown and plasma damage - Vendetta is a great surprise for you if you get close enough to Nebulord ships.

crescendo blueprint

Crescendo, a proton rocket launcher, is a high-tech (tech level 4) Nebulords weapon. It launches 10 rockets every 5 seconds to deliver you a good amount of dps. 2x2 size and 10 000 m range make this one a good choice for most battlecruisers with according weapon bays.

There is only one new pirate weapon left to tell you about. Can you guess which one is it? Make your best guess here or in Discord channel!

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