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Just a quick round up of the competition, the applicants and their works and finally the winning image.

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Hello again all Totaler Krieg fans,

Today id like to congratulate the winner of the Banner image contest which ended two days ago on the 14th. First off, I would however like to thank all applicants for there time and effort, I received some really great pieces. Displayed below are the runners up and their works.

Jenkins64 - 4th Place

Masterchieft0976 - 3rd Place

Hans Landa - 2nd Place

Winner of Banner Image Contest is........

Hans Landa with this simple, but sophisiticated piece.

Winner of Loading Screen Image is.......

Schnieder with this edited art-work render-style.

Thankyou all for participating, commiserations to those who didnt win.

Stay tuned for more mod related info.

Mod Progress Report

Just to let everyone know what is going on, im currently testing out some optimisation methods for increasing the performance of my mod. At present im getting 18 Fps with 200 units present in view simultaneously, that is compared to 50 fps + with normal MoW models. I plan to increase my mod performance to 28/30 fps to finalise my optimisation. These performance quotes are with all graphics settings on full/high with 8x antialisating and 16x antistrophic with full shadowing at 1280x960.
The model posted yesterday is 5000 polygons, I hope to bring this down to 3900/4000 to hopefully boost fps performance by 10-12 frames.

Computer Spec:

4GB 800mhz Ram
2.8ghz Core 2 Duo
Windows XP

Thanks all,



0o the Winner of the Loading Screen one is Amazing

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Herr_Sturmführer Author

Yes it is isnt it, looks like an in-game render. I added the luger instead of the Gewehr43 which Schneider had in but otherwise its entirely his work.


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I like Hans's better.

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